Speakers' guide

Thank you for participating in our seminar series!
Below is a checklist of items that will help us make sure your research reaches the biggest audience and does so achieving our aims of inclusivity and accessibility.


We would like to receive these items 4 weeks in advance of the seminar to advertise the talk across the UK geoscience community.

  • Title
  • Abstract - 150 words or less
  • Main image - if there is an image that captures the essence of your work, a key graph, or photo, please share it with us to include in the advertising

Highly desirable

  • Your twitter handle - so that we can link to your account from our tweets.
  • Your personal webpage - to accompany the advertising for the talk
  • Profile photo - to accompany the advertising for the talk, you can point us to an image already online
  • References/further reading - seminars form a core part of the degree programme for many final year undergraduates. Further reading helps both students and the wider audience learn more about your work and field


The whole seminar slot is 1 hour long and it is important we are able to keep to time to allow attendees to continue onto teaching etc. Please could you aim to speak for 45 minutes (whether individually or as a pair if sharing the seminar slot). This leaves 5 minutes at the beginning to introduce the seminar and 10 minutes at the end for questions.

Recording of seminar material

We would like to maximise the accessibility of our seminars to people who may not be able to make the scheduled time because of caring duties or other commitments. Accordingly, all seminars will be recorded and archived for future viewing. Please could you email us if you would like to opt out of having your seminar recorded.


We would like to make your seminar available to the largest number of people possible. There are two things we would encourage you to consider: captioning and the color of graphics used. We have provided details of both of these points below.

If you would like to provide additional accessibility options to those we have identified below, please contact the board.


Captions will also be available a day or two after the seminar via the auto captioning feature of YouTube. This will currently add captions in English for the archived on-demand video.

You could also consider adding live captions. If your presentation is made in Powerpoint it just takes one click to turn on live captioning: see Microsoft's online instructions. Google slides also can run live captions with one click: instructions provided by Google Support.

Color blind friendly graphics

Consider whether your graphics will be accessible to people with color blindness. You can easily find color blind friendly color schemes via colorbrewer's webpage. Color schemes can also be checked with tools such as color oracle.

Code of conduct

It is important to us that earth2earth seminars are an inclusive and welcoming environment, for you as speaker and for all attendees. Please review our code of conduct before attending the meeting, and if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us.