Nominate speakers

earth2earth is committed to bringing the widest diversity of excellent science and speakers to the UK geoscience community. Speakers should be committed to communicating their science to a general geosciences audience, from senior undergraduate upwards. We would welcome speaker suggestions that help us fulfil these aims.

Nomination process

Thank you for nominating a speaker. All speaker nominations will be given full consideration by the earth2earth organising board. In considering nominations we will aim to balance speaker profiles to ensure disciplinary and demographic representation of the geoscience community. Unfortunately, the availability of speaker slots may mean that we are not able to invite all suggested speakers.

Who should I nominate?

We are interested in bringing inspiring scientists from around the world to UK geosciences departments through the earth2earth series. Whether the speaker is based inside or outside the UK, their nomination will be considered by the board: the series aims to be fully international in its speaker list. Decisions will be made by the board on the basis of achieving scientific excellence whilst representing and promoting the personal and disciplinary diversity present in the geoscience community.

As part of earth2earth's mission to promote early career researchers one of our seminar formats is to pair an early career researcher with a senior scientist from a same field. When nominating early career researchers (which we loosely define as someone not holding a permanent position) please consider including suggestions of senior scientists they may pair with; equally, if suggesting a more established scientist, consider names of early career scientist who they may speak alongside.