Code of conduct

Please read our code of conduct before joining one of our meetings.

earth2earth is a UK-wide remote seminar series designed to engage the UK geoscience community with excellent international science. The series aims to do this while promoting inclusivity and diversity, supporting the advancement of early-career researchers, and highlighting geoscientists’ contributions to addressing global environmental challenges. earth2earth welcomes all with an interest in geosciences to attend its seminars and discussion. The respectful conduct of all participants is essential for earth2earth to reach the broadest community with inspiring science and free exchange of scientific ideas. As such, by participating in this seminar series as a speaker or an audience member you agree to abide by the code of conduct outlined below. Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to the organisers taking appropriate action against the parties involved, including issuing warnings, expulsion from the present meeting, and prohibiting attendance at future meetings. The code of conduct applies during the seminar, and to any post-earth2earth seminar events, including, but not limited to, text discussion, Youtube chat with posted videos, and tagged Twitter posts.


This seminar series is open to all, and the participation of people from across the geosciences with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives is something we highly value. earth2earth is therefore committed to maintaining a harassment-free environment and all attendees are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity irrespective of personal or academic differences. Behaviour that may reasonably be assumed to create or contribute to an environment hostile to a person a group is is prohibited.

Questions and discussion

Questions and debate are central to academic life. earth2earth represents an opportunity to bring the UK geoscience community together around grand challenges in the subject, in free and open discussion with international experts. All questions and discussion should remain constructive and respectful, irrespective of academic disagreements.

Recording of seminar material

Participants may not record or photograph any material associated with the seminars. An official recording may be made available with the permission of the speakers. This ensures that unpublished work is protected and attribution to the original author is maintained.

Reporting procedure

If you witness harassment or prohibited behaviour in earth2earth meetings/discussions, experience harassment yourself, or have any other concerns, please contact the board.